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Trump’s war on vital institutions of US democracy

Jul 7 2017 — Oleh Iwanyshyn — National Newswatch — While news media tends to focus on Trump’s often silly tweets, a much bigger problem gets short shrift. Public confidence in institutions critical to the preservation of US democracy is deteriorating. These include the intelligence agencies, the justice system and the news media. The loss of confidence is the direct result of Trump’s repeated accusations […]

Anatomy of a Fox fake news story

Mar 23 2017 — Oleh Iwanyshyn — National Newswatch — How does a patently false claim from the lips (or tweet) of Donald Trump get legitimized to the point where many Americans think it’s true? In one word–Television. Television is how most Americans get their news. Six out of every 10 Americans say it’s their main source of news. Perhaps more relevant, for those over […]

How a Dishonest Trump and a Dishonest Fox Are Destroying Trust in All News Media

Jan 27 2017 — Oleh Iwanyshyn — National Newswatch — President Trump seems always on the attack against news media. He claims they are dishonest because they wrongly assert that many of his statements are untrue — that, in fact, Trump is dishonest. The  evidence opposing his claim, however, is overwhelming. When the Toronto Star assigned its reporter Daniel Dale to document Trump’s lying during […]

How Polls, the News Media, and Putin gave Trump the Presidency

Jan 9 2017 — Oleh Iwanyshyn — National Newswatch — Did the Putin-inspired hacks of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) tilt the voting results in Trump’s favor? Seventeen US intelligence agencies believe Russia and in particular Putin interfered in the elections.  Republicans are careful to say there is no direct evidence proving it is the reason why Trump won. That may be true. However, from […]

How Donald Trump could become President

Apr 18 2016 — Oleh Iwanyshyn — National Newswatch — The Republican Party is petrified.  Not because the leading presidential candidate Donald Trump has declared war on it.  Nor is it because he is not a real conservative.  And it’s not even because of his rash statements that many in the Party see as racist, xenophobic, misogynistic or just plain nuts (like arming South Korea […]


Why Donald Trump won’t just fade away

Dec 21 2015 — Oleh Iwanyshyn — National Newswatch — Both liberal and conservative pundits are baffled by the resilience shown in Donald Trump’s popularity despite his outrageous statements that would have sunk any other presidential candidate.  A recent CBS/NYTimes poll shows Trump with 35% popularity, more than twice as high as the next most popular opponent, Ted Cruz, with 16%.  Trump has for the […]

How the West (unwittingly) aids Russian propaganda

Aug 27 2015 — Oleh Iwanyshyn — National Newswatch — It’s disappointing when Western news media promulgate Russian polls touting the unbelievably high popularity of President Putin as if it was a true reflection of Russian sentiment.  But to see one of the most respected US pollsters add credibility to such questionable results is perverse. Why should we in the West promote Russian propaganda? The […]

What Putin’s 86% popularity says about Russian polls

May 29 2015 — Oleh Iwanyshyn — National Newswatch — Imagine this. You’re Russian. You’re living in a dictatorship. You get a phone call. An anonymous voice on the other end tells you it’s a poll. The question – Do you approve of Putin’s activities as President of Russia. You think to yourself. This guy holds all the power. He is ex-KGB.  And he doesn’t […]

How the Ontario election polls were so wrong yet so right

Jun 23 2014 — Oleh Iwanyshyn — Hill Times — At first glance, it seems like public opinion polls delivered a poor prediction of the Ontario provincial election outcome. On the day of the election, poll aggregator Éric Grenier described the trend as “likely Liberal, possibly PC victory” with “a likely return to a minority legislature.” While admittedly there was a lot of scatter in […]

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Oleh Iwanyshyn has been involved professionally with surveys from the mid-70s when he started as a methodologist at the Institute for Behavioral Research at York University. Later, while at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation his focus shifted to media and election surveys. He now runs his own survey research company, ViewStats Research, established in 1997 and specializing in online surveys. Public opinion surveys is an essential communication tool between a democratic society and its leaders. Unfortunately, surveys can be very easily manipulated. Revealing such manipulations and their consequences is the raison d'être of the poll stuff blog.
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